Second Update May 28

Second Update May 28


The images on these pages are too small to see very well, and I’m sorry about that. To see the full size image, click here. Interest area descriptions:

1. Start area. When the player leaves the coast to retrieve a plant to cure his mother, he enters the connecting tunnel and ends up here. Play proceeds linearly to area 2:
2. The area that caused me so much grief last night. It is working perfectly now.
3-4. I love making secret areas. This cave entrance cannot be seen by the player until after he passes interest area 2 – thanks to the limited camera view in the game. Unfortunately, the game engine does not seem to support underground areas passing underneath a playable area (the path above it) – it wigs out every time I attempt it. So this cave entrance is blocked by rocks :-/ Area 4, like 3, is reached by passing under the foot bridge.
5. The end of the level. You can see a larger image of this area in the upper right – it really is pretty. I chose the most exotic plant I could find in the Titan Quest libraries to tell the player this is what he/she’s looking for – it should be obvious (nothing else in the game so far has been bright pink). There’s also nowhere else to go but here, so that should tell them something as well 🙂

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