Titan Quest

header This page will chronicle my work on the art test for a game company in Massachusetts. I will post an image twice a day (or more often if I think it merits posting) along with a brief synopsis of my progress. Check back throughout this week as I work night and day to finish!

Titan Quest May 25 00

Progress up to May 25

At 6:00pm I’ve worked about 10 hours on the beach area of my level. When I began this morning the only thing present in the scene was the basic terrain with a couple layers, a connecting corridor to the next area, and the pier with the player character spawn point. I’ve been playtesting the level and adjusting it to accommodate the limited isometric viewing angle of Titan Quest – this has meant widening the playable area in the foreground of this image while using scenery to make the enlarged area off-limits. This keeps the player from walking so close to the cliffs that his view is eclipsed by them.

I’ve also added a small island out in the water with some reward chests and the entrance to a small cavern under the water. It’s interesting learning a whole new type of game design theory – I’ve played isometric-view games in the past (NES “Solstice” and SNES “Equinox”) and have done some isometric drawings, but I have never designed an isometric level before. It has some unique benefits, such as not needing to worry about designing ceilings, while also offering up challenges, mostly associated with the unique in-game viewing angle.