Game Architecture Study

I spent some time in Gears of War (PC) simply sight-seeing. I found a mod that gave me nearly unlimited health and weapons so I wouldn’t be getting killed all the time and basically walked through the game with a virtual camera, taking photographs of the scenery. Here are some of the sights I saw while there. Due to the nature of the game, with the soldier you control always out in the middle of the screen, I was often unable to keep Marcus out of the screenshots.

I suppose there is likely a way to remove him from the screen, but I doubt it would be easy, nor worth my time. So you will see bits of him in the pictures, sometimes duplicated, as many of these are composited from several screenshots to create a panoramic whole. Also, due to the way the images were stitched together, there is often some distortion – this is unavoidable, but shouldn’t detract too much from the overall scene.

To make the slideshow full-screen, hover your mouse over it. When your cursor turns into a click and it will expand. Hit ESC to return here. Moving your mouse into either left or right edges (and then clicking) will allow you to move forward or backward.