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Level Design Videos
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Asym - Unreal Tournament 2004 Mod

Nortaak Plains: A vast outdoor environment developed for online play. Programs used: Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Unreal Editor.

The player starts out in a canyon area inspired by locations such as Mesa Verde National Park, CO and Bridal Veil Falls (the one in Yosemite, CA). The game play then runs through a plains area where players capture defensive forts and then take various routes over or through a mountain range with the goal of taking control of a hydro-electric dam and pushing the enemy back to their main base. In crafting the boundaries that constrain the player to the playable space of the world, I designed an elaborate series of cliffs in an attempt to move past the cliched "ring your level with a mountain range" strategy. Some of the pictures above show the result. Nortaak is still in development (as of late December 2006).

al 'Teara - Half Life 2

This level, originally designed as an Assault level for Half Life, was converted to the Source Engine in 2005. It was my last project in the Half Life universe before moving on to the Unreal Engine.

Torlan-USOParadise - Unreal Tournament 2004

Clan USO hosted the popular Torlan-PhoenixParadise map as their number-one-played level. This modified version of Torlan, combined with the Weapons of Evil mod translated into particularly brutal game play on the USO server. The powerful, mostly one-hit-kill weapons severely unbalanced the onslaught game mode and, combined with the ion tanks and Leviathans, led to protracted, brutal battles.

These problems were all fixed, and you can read about that in my portolio excerpt.