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Duke Nukem Forever


Gale Force Logic 2012

Cyranos Bar II - Overview

We revisited Cyranos Bar in 2012 and made some adjustments to it. The biggest change was our target platform – we were moving from iOS […]

World War II Aircraft – Hawker Typhoon

Typhoon - side view

Beginning in April 2012 I have worked as art director at iEntertainment Network. My first project was the Hawker Typhoon, a World War 2 Royal Airforce single-engine fighter used to protect England from German V-1 flying bombs and other invading aircraft.



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Modular Bookcase and end table

Modular Bookcase & End Table view 2

This set of models was designed to be modular.  This allowed me to place the sections together in any configuration and have them appear seamless. […]

Grand Arch & Column

Grand Arch high poly closeup

Grand Arch & Column

Gale Force Logic 2010-2011

Images from an interior space designed for Gale Force Logic, Spring 2011 using UDK.

Current Project

Door center design render closeup

I'll be documenting my current work-in-progress on this page. At present, the idea is to make a small scene consisting of some terrain leading to a cliff wall...

Hoover Dam

I designed Hoover Dam around a script from our writers. It contained a linear storyline and descriptions of each room. I was told - "make it big, make it impressive, make it out of concrete." Mike Inscho came in after the initial design phase and helped me with the lighting and mood of each area. The result was the first level of Fallen Earth, "Hoover Dam."