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Windows 8… in Hebrew?

So I decided that Windows 8 is not for me yet. I purchased the pro upgrade pack preorder for $69 and installed it on my PC (after creating a snapshot of my win 7 OS using Macrium Reflect). It’s a great way to experiment with different OSes, although creating a snapshot of a 80GB partition does take about 45 minutes – even on a direct USB 3.0 external 7200 rpm hard drive.

As I expected, the new OS was bewildering – the start button was completely gone! I couldn’t find a lot of things at first. But soon it became apparent that things were just moved around and hidden. I soon found that the Windows key was expanded and functions as a direct access to the start screen. Mousing over to the right edge is awkward. Trying to find specific programs is ridiculously cumbersome – some programs, if not pinned to the start screen’s main menu – could be several screen-scrolls to the right.

Overall it just seemed as if Microsoft is trying almost too hard to innovate. They have had the start menu for over 15 years and have been refining it that whole time – to the point I think it had become about as useful and streamlined as humanly possible. The bloated huge start screen is overkill. It’s hard to use, not easy to access, and it’s just not simple.

On top of that, Windows gadgets, which I have become dependent on, are no longer supported and I could not find an alternative on the internet in 2 hours of searching. Icons in the task bar were usually incorrect (e.g., Exploer icon for Photoshop). Lastly, I never could find an easy way to shut down my PC; and putting it to sleep has become broken since installing 8 – if I try, it shuts down and turns instantly back on.

As a final laugh at what seems to be a rushed product launch, when I registered for my free copy of Windows Media Center at I was sent the following product key in Hebrew text:

I ended up restoring my Windows 7 snapshop with Macrium Reflect (after backing up my install of Windows 8) after 3 days with Windows 8. Perhaps I’m not ready for it yet, or perhaps it’s not ready for me. I think both are true 🙂

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