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Star Trek Voyager uses footage from “Event Horizon”

While there were other video clips used in this episode of Star Trek Voyager, the ones I recognized were from some of the “Hell” scenes from “Event Horizon” (1997). In the episode “Random Thoughts” from the 4th season of Star Trek Voyager, Lt. Tuvok is investigating an outbreak of violence on a planet of pacifistic telepaths. It isn’t long before he encounters an underground market in violent thoughts. Mirroring the ban on alcohol in the early 20th century America, the civilization of telepaths have outlawed violent thoughts for about 60 years, but unknown to the authorities, this ban has simply led people to seek out illicit violent thoughts for sale in a strange sort of black market.

In this scene, Tuvok is “sharing” the violent thoughts he keeps under a tight lid through his Vulcan self-control with some black market thugs. Strangely, some of his thoughts indicate he was somehow present on the Event Horizon during some of the final scenes of the movie. He must have been just off stage because I never saw him there.

In any case, you can view the short video clip I put together for this, um… event.

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