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Spammers are weird

Today I began getting a bunch of bounced email notices from my web host with some strange content.  They all followed the same format as such:

Subject: <Term of Endearment>! <verb> <famous person’s> <article of intimate clothing>
where Term of Endearment was somthing like “Baby Doll” or “Object of my affection”
verb was “gain” or “take,” etc.
One of over a dozen subject titles was “True Love! Grab Brooke Shields used clothes..”
The body of the email would invariably contain something to this effect:
Last week I participated in the at annual nude run 2011:
<spoof url pointing to an online Canadian pharmaceuticals dealer>
This was so much fun and I met a bunch of nude chicks who love to swing together!
Loveling, want to join?
Please, let me know then, you sexy cheeks!
Sandy Kennedy

Seriously, what are these people thinking??  Spammers are just plain weird.

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