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So the United States Congress is Taking a (well-earned?) Vacation

So Congress has finally managed to broker a deal on the deficit crisis we just narrowly avoided. What do they do? Wipe the sweat from their brows, say “Whew!” and go on vacation. That’s only fair, right?

Well, it seems as if there is a major Federal Aviation Administration issue that is unresolved, that most likely got put on the back burner while Congress dealt with the deficit crisis. Unfortunately for the FAA (and their tens of thousands of employees) Congress twiddled their thumbs for months, staring at the debt crisis with the FAA issue on the back burner, waited until the 11th hour to resolve the debt crisis, and then went on vacation as soon as it was done.

What’s the big deal? Thousands of FAA employees who have either lost their jobs, must work without pay, or are being told they can come back to work when it is resolved – after SEPTEMBER. Meanwhile, our Congressmen and women are taking their ease, visiting family, traveling, relaxing by pools or the ocean, etc. HOW CAN THEY IN GOOD CONSCIENCE DO THAT WHEN THEIR IRRESPONSIBILITY MEANS THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE GOING WITHOUT PAY FOR -AT LEAST- A MONTH? Some of those people are going to lose their homes and possibly everything they own.

I was already outraged by the way they handled the debt crisis. This is beyond bearing. I sent the following letter to my senators (North Carolina):

Mr. Senator,

I am very frustrated and disturbed in congress taking a break for a month while the FAA issue remains unresolved.

To me it seems as if you’re rewarding yourselves after a difficult job, but while disregarding the fact that your job remains unfinished. In the real world, this is called irresponsible – and jobs are lost, projects go unpaid, deals are lost, and contracts are canceled as a result of such behavior.

Why should it be any different for congress? If you and your colleagues want to earn America’s respect, I strongly request you come back to Washington and finish the job. When there are no more issues at stake that cost thousands of people their jobs (and as a result possibly their homes and everything they own), THEN you can take a well-earned vacation.

That’s only fair, right?

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