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My Best Panoramic Shot Yet

Lynville Falls Panorama

Lynville Falls Panorama

I’ve been taking panoramic photographs for years. At first I used 3 open source programs to stitch them together. Today I just use Photoshop CS4’s automated photo stitcher utility, and about 85% of the time it just works. Still, when I fed it 21 4.0MP photographs I took at a river in Lynville Falls, Lynville, NC, and left the PC alone for 30 minutes, I wasn’t prepared for this. Certainly not the most spectacular panorama ever, but the best I’ve done.

There is a narrow gorge in Lynville Falls where the water rushes through a narrow chasm. When you get to the end of the trail, you can go to an overlook of the falls in this picture, or go another 1/4 mile up the falls further to an lookout from the top of a cliff*. It really is beautiful in the western North Carolina mountains!

*You can see the furthest lookout at the very top leftmost part of the picture, in the part that sticks up above the rest of the photo. There are people there.

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