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Thirst for Victory (My Thoughts on Team Fortress 2)

The thirst for victory and glory can become almost a compulsive neurotic thing.  It seizes the victim in a death grip and causes him to try over and over again to attain that elusive prize.  In the same way as the brain can become addicted to alcohol or sugar or adrenaline, for those teased by […]

The Devil Is Captured and Put in Prison

An amazing event has occurred in US-Mexican efforts to curb violence in northern Mexico – Miguel Angel Treviño Morales was finally captured in Nuevo Laredo by Mexican Marines, Monday morning near the US border while driving with two lieutenants, marking a “major blow to a crime gang with tentacles deep within the United States.” (Tim […]

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Windows 8… in Hebrew?

So I decided that Windows 8 is not for me yet. I purchased the pro upgrade pack preorder for $69 and installed it on my PC (after creating a snapshot of my win 7 OS using Macrium Reflect). It’s a great way to experiment with different OSes, although creating a snapshot of a 80GB partition […]

More Sad Pumpkin!

Sad pumpkin is even sadder, if that can be imagined. I think he’s even getting a big angry at being left on that bird bath pedestal for so long. A couple days ago we held a memorial in his honor to mark his imminent passing… ๏̯͡๏

Windows NTFS Compression Before & After

Windows’ NTFS file system is getting a bit long in the tooth.  Developed jointly with IBM until they parted ways with MS to create their OS/2 operating system back in the late 1980s, it was used for even early versions of Windows, though I don’t recall being aware of it until Windows XP.  A useful […]

Sad Pumpkin

While on our way to vacation in Virginia, we stopped off at a side-of-the-road pumpkin stand and purchased some “heirloom” pumpkins for about $10/each. Little did we realize that one of them was rotten. Luckily for me we placed it bottom-up in the car, but when we brought it inside and placed it in the […]

Hot hot hot! It’s hot in the southeast!

In a nod to the strange weather we’ve been seeing across the United States during the early part of this summer, it was 95 degrees and raining today. If you zoom in you can clearly see the digital thermometer display showing 95 deg F and, strangely, just 58% humidity. But it takes the thing a […]

Yet one more reason to pay attention while driving

In case you needed another warning to pay attention while driving, this morning ABC News showed the following photos of a woman who slammed into the rear of a vehicle hauling wooden poles.  Incredibly, she was not seriously injured in the accident, apparently due to a split-second jerk of the wheel.

Spammers are weird

Today I began getting a bunch of bounced email notices from my web host with some strange content.  They all followed the same format as such: Subject: <Term of Endearment>! <verb> <famous person’s> <article of intimate clothing> where Term of Endearment was somthing like “Baby Doll” or “Object of my affection” verb was “gain” or […]

Google Is The New Hotness In Cheap Airline Ticket Searches

pst!…. have you noticed the latest in airline ticket search engines?  If you go to your nearest internet browser and find a google search box of any sort, type in “[airport departure designation] to [airport destination designation]”  An example of this would be “CLT to LAX” (Charlotte International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport) And […]