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Art research takes me where I never dreamed

Most often, when I begin work on a new piece of art, I do a good deal of research into real-world objects that represent what I’m going to be designing. For this reason, I am always looking at the world around me for inspiration (and photo opportunities). Short of carting around a camera everywhere I go, the easiest way to perform such research is to just jump onto Google or Bing image search and poke around for a while. The thing is, one never knows what will pop up during such searches. For example, a recent search for “balcony” turned up all sorts of images of scantily-clad men and women along with balconies. I must have seen over a dozen images of Orlando Bloom as I went along.

Today I began looking at “fountains” and was shocked to find the following image:

Pahoeoe Volcano lava fountain

Pahoeoe Volcano lava fountain

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more dramatic image of volcanic activity (except that scene in the movie 2012 where Yellowstone National Park is wiped off the face of the earth – but that was fake and this is real, so there). Was it what I was looking for? Certainly not. But it was startling enough to wind up in my blog :-).

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