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{ Monthly Archives } March 2011

A French Artist’s Take on Chinese Migrant Workers in Shanghai

Every time I think I seen it all, something shows up to prove me wrong – this process seems to happen just about every day. Today, something new appeared by way of NPR. Mito Habe-Evans wrote a fascinating article about a French artist who visited Shanghai China and came away with a unique perspective on […]

Our hearts break

During times of tragedy, words – no matter how well-spoken – seem trite. Our hearts break as we look on in stunned horror at the catastrophe that has befallen the nation of Japan. Because at the end of the day, our common bond as human beings means neither ethnicity nor political goals, neither language nor […]

“Introducing Zbrush 4” by Eric Keller has finally arrived!

In 2010 I began learning Zbrush 3.0-3.5 by using a short series on and supplementing that with anything I could find elsewhere. I went to and rummaged around for Zbrush video tutorials and spent a great deal of time around Pixelogic’s Zclassroom. One set of tutorials that were especially useful for me as […]

Autodesk Unable To Fix Basic Video Problems in 3DS Max

In recent years, I’ve been plagued by a video display glitch in 3D Studio Max that is seriously driving me crazy. This particular video glitch results in the vertices in models not displaying. I honestly think their “size” goes down to zero from a default setting of 3. So, instead of large dots, they become […]

Game Jobs in North Carolina

I was hunting around the net for leads on game development jobs around the country and went to for the first time. What I found there wasn’t a total surprise, but a pleasant one: North Carolina ranked in the top 6 locations for game jobs in the website’s job database. Just look for yourself […]