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{ Monthly Archives } September 2010

HOLY CRAP! Fly mode in UDK!

All these years I’ve wanted to be able to fly around the perspective view in UDK (or Unreal Ed as it’s been called until recently) and figured it would never happen because “W” hides meshes and unless I’ve missed something, custom key binding is still only possibly in matinee. But today by accident I enabled […]

Funny Head!

In the process of working in Zbrush, I created quite possibly the funniest sculpture I’ve ever made by accident.

Get off your butt!

I felt chagrin this afternoon when I decided to get off my butt and see if I could find the sources I need for some textures I’m designing. Last night I had spent an hour just hunting around the net – flickr, google images, etc – for what I was looking for without coming up […]

Modern Warfare 3 details revealed

A respected online group has released new details on Infinity Ward’s game in development.

In Partnership With Our Communities?

Officers from the Marin County Sheriff’s Department taser a belligerent elderly man.