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{ Monthly Archives } July 2010

Final Fantasy X Lionheart Sword

By adding “double overdrive” to one of Tidus’ weapons, I created the Lionheart sword.

UDK dev textures!

A nice chap made a series of dev textures for UDK – now you can make your levels look like they’re built in the Source Engine!

Google images takes a page out of Microsoft’s playbook

Google unleashes a new image search interface, reminiscent of Microsoft’s Bing.

MP3 Revolution

So, 15 years or so since the world first learned the word “mp3,” my parents have finally jumped on the compressed-music-file bandwagon. It all began a couple weeks ago when I replaced my fried Creative X-fi mp3 player with a Zune HD and bragged about it to my mom. Since she’s going on a trip […]

Zune HD craziness!

It was amazing experience the other day as I sat at home during a storm with my Zune HD. I was simultaneously listening to HD radio and surfing the web wirelessly from the same device. You might wonder at my amazement – surely devices have been able to do multiple things for years now… But […]

Google Panoramio

For the inaugural post on my new minty-fresh blog (and the reason I wanted to cobble it together in the first place) I wanted to highlight the 3D artist’s image resource site, www.! This incredibly awesome portal by Google allows you to search for images by geographical location in a Google-maps-esque interface. When people […]